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The statements made herein are subject to verification to determine your qualifications for employment consideration.

H.A.L.A.S. Job Application

Positions for which you are applying
Are you eligible for employment in the United States?
Have you ever applied with our organization in the past?
Do you have any relatives employed with our organization?
Have you ever been employed with our organization?

Vehicle Operator Information

At any time during the past seven (7) years, have you ever been denied a driver's license or been convicted of a moving vehicle traffic offense, including but not limited to, driving under the infuence or reckless driving?
Have you ever had automobile insurance cancelled or revoked or have you ever been refused automobile insurance?
Have you ever been arrested or detained by law enforcement personnel?
Have you ever been convicted, pled guilty, or no contest to a felony or misdemeanor?
Have you ever been fingerprinted for any reason?
Have you ever been convicted of a domestic crime?

Emergency Medical Care Information

Emergency Medical Agencies Affiliated With (Present and Past)

Attach additional sheets if needed.

Upload File
Please list all training and certifications including: EMR, EMT, Paramedic, PHRN, CPR, ACLS, PALS, BTLS/ITLS,PHTLS, EVDT, Other

Medical Command Information

(Paramedics Only)
Do you currently have Medical Command Authorization?
If yes, your Medical Command Physician will be contacted for reference.
Has your Medical Command ever been suspended or revoked?

Education | Military | Employment History

Please upload resume here.

Upload File
Would there be any problem with us contacting your current employer for a job reference?
Have you ever been disciplined or terminated for reckless driving?
Have you ever been placed on probation or terminated for excessive absenteeism?
Have you ever been disciplined or terminated for insubordination?
Have you ever been disciplined or terminated for violation of safety rules?
Have you ever been disciplined or terminated for assault or fighting?
Have you ever been disciplined or terminated for harassment?
Have you ever been disciplined or terminated for patient abuse?
Have you ever been disciplined or terminated for alcohol or drug related activity at work?
"Yes" answers will not necessarily disqualify you for employment.


References cannot be relatives and must have known you for a minimum for one year.

Health Record

Do you have any pre-existing physical conditions that may affect you in the performance of your duties as an employee of Hollidaysburg American Legion Ambulance?
Do you require any special accommodations to perform the essential functions of the position for which you are applying?
Terms of employment status include successful completion of a physical examination, lifting and moving test and drug test. Are you willing to undergo a physical examination, lifting and moving and drug test to prove you are physically able to perform the tasks of the job for which you have applied?
I hereby certify that the statements contained herein are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I grant Hollidaysburg American Legion Ambulance Service (HALAS) permission to verify such answers and investigate all references. I understand that any false statements on this application may be considered significant cause for rejection of this application or for termination if discovered subsequent to my employment status. I authorize my former employer(s) and other individuals to give information concerning me and I release them and their companies from any liability whatsoever.
NOTE: This application is void after six (6) months. If you have not been hired/contacted within that period of time and are still interested in being considered for employment status, you must reapply.

Thanks for submitting! We will be intouch with you shortly!



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